How does Invisalign works?

How does Invisalign works

If we think about how Invisalign works, with the aligner, it sits around the tooth and encloses it completely, and that way, we can get control over how we are going to move the teeth. We also put these white attachments on the teeth. You can hardly see them. And they are actually a smart design, an intelligent design that helps to move the teeth in certain directions to where we want them to go.

At the beginning, there is a period of discomfort. So because it’s something new in your mouth, you are going to get more saliva in your mouth for a short period of time because it’s something new. The edge of the plastic can be a bit irritating, especially to the tongue ’cause you’re gonna play with the edge of the plastic. But then, with me, that took about five days to get used to, and then after that, it felt like it was natural. And even when I take them out, it feels like something is missing.

When you change to a new aligner, it feels tight. That’s the way it’s supposed to feel. So you have a period of discomfort for sometimes a few hours, sometimes a day, and then it goes away. But even with braces, that’s the case. As teeth move, they do get a bit of sensitivity. Wear your aligners because if you don’t wear them the right amount of time, and then you move to the next one, it’s going to be more tender because the tooth did not get sufficient time to move as it should. And you can take Panadol. You can’t really use wax with Invisalign.

You can use it for the braces. But I generally find that within a few days, you’ll get used to them and they’ll feel really natural.

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