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Immerse yourself in an exceptional dental experience at Liberty Dental Centre, Wheeler Hills’s premier destination for comprehensive and advanced oral care.

With our unwavering commitment to personalised treatment, highly skilled team, and cutting-edge technology, we redefine dental care to put a confident and healthy smile on your face. Start your journey towards exceptional oral health today.

Schedule an appointment with Liberty Dental Centre and join a community that values your smile as much as you do. Remember, at Liberty Dental Centre, your oral health is our priority, and your satisfaction is our greatest reward. Welcome to a place where smiles are born – welcome to Liberty Dental Centre.

About Us

Our Story

The inception of Liberty Dental Centre began with an ambitious dentist who had a vision: to deliver a level of dental care to patients that he would be proud to offer to her own family.

With many years of experience in various clinics, she found that while the philosophy of other clinics was commendable, it didn’t allow her the freedom to practice her philosophy of comprehensive dental care . The desire to see this vision come to life led to the creation of Liberty Dental Centre. The name ‘Liberty’ is not simply a title—it’s a core belief reverberating in every aspect of our practice.

Over the years, Liberty Dental Centre has continued to live up to its name. Utilising the best products and local labs instead of outsourcing, we continue to grow and uphold our values every day, and we are excited to welcome you to be a part of our ongoing journey.

Our Approach

At Liberty Dental Centre, we aim to create an environment where patient health and satisfaction are our utmost priorities. Our unique approach sets us apart:
Liberty Dental

Our Values

At Liberty Dental Centre, strong core values lay the foundation for exceptional patient care and experience. Our practice is built on principles that reflect our commitment to you, our patients, and how we differentiate ourselves in the realm of oral healthcare:

Experience the Liberty Dental Centre Difference

Come and experience the Liberty Dental difference—a difference built on advanced dental care, a highly skilled and experienced team, and an unmatched patient-centred approach.

Whether it’s our specialist oral surgeon, in-house prosthetist, or our fun and positive work culture, the Liberty Dental experience prioritises your comfort, satisfaction, and, above all, your smile.

Embrace Your Freedom to Smile at Liberty Dental Centre

Ready to achieve the liberty to smile with confidence? Book an appointment with us today at Liberty Dental Centre.

Embrace the freedom to enjoy excellent oral health, outstanding customer service, and personalised care from a team dedicated to your well-being. Your journey to a confident smile begins here!

Elevate Your Confidence at Liberty Dental Centre

Boost your self-esteem with Liberty Dental Centre’s cosmetic dentistry services, expertly delivered to enhance your smile and confidence.