Early Orthodontics in Wheelers Hill

Start your child’s journey to a healthier, brighter smile with Liberty Dental Centre. Don’t wait for tomorrow; schedule a consultation today and witness the difference proactive dental care can make.
Early Orthodontics

At Liberty Dental Centre, we believe in fostering radiant, confident smiles from a young age. Early orthodontics, often known as Phase I Orthodontics, is our proactive approach to nip dental issues in the bud, ensuring your child’s dental journey is smooth and pleasant because every child deserves the freedom to smile without reservation.

Benefits of Early Orthodontics at Liberty Dental Centre

Embarking on early orthodontics for your child is about more than just addressing immediate concerns. It’s a proactive approach that can shape their oral health for years. At Liberty Dental Centre, we delve deep into the myriad benefits of beginning this journey sooner rather than later.
Early Orthodontics Benefits
At Liberty Dental Centre, we understand the profound impact a proactive approach can have on your child’s dental health and overall quality of life. Take a step towards securing a brighter future for their smile by booking a consultation today.

Why Choose Liberty Dental Centre for Early Orthodontics

Early orthodontics can shape a child’s oral health journey, paving the way for lifelong confident smiles. But the right start requires the right hands. Here’s why Liberty Dental Centre stands unparalleled in early orthodontic care.

Comprehensive Focus on Early Orthodontics

Our dedicated focus on early orthodontics ensures your child receives targeted, expert care tailored to their unique dental growth stage.

The Personal Touch

Each child and their dental needs are unique. Our patient-centred approach ensures that our dentists meticulously tailor every early orthodontic treatment plan to the individual.

Advanced Technology for Young Smiles

From Intraoral scanners to soft tissue laser procedures, our state-of-the-art technology ensures that early orthodontic treatments are efficient, precise, and comfortable.

Proactive Approach

We don't just address the immediate; our early orthodontics approach looks at the bigger picture, preventing potential future complications.

Liberty Dental Centre is about establishing trust, building relationships, and ensuring your child’s oral health journey is nothing short of exceptional. Join our family, and let Liberty Dental Centre champion your child’s smile. Secure your consultation today, and together, let’s embrace the future of oral care.

Frequently Asked Questions about Early Orthodontics

It is recommended that children consult Liberty Dental Centre for an early orthodontic assessment at the age of seven. By this time, most baby teeth have come through, and it is an ideal time to evaluate the development of the teeth, jaw, and face.

Our dental professionals design these orthodontic treatments to help children maintain healthy oral health and ensure proper facial growth. Regular dental visits at this age are also important, as permanent teeth start to emerge and must be monitored until age twelve.

Liberty Dental Centre provides the highest quality of care and is an expert in early orthodontics for Wheelers Hill.

Phase I Orthodontic treatment typically begins before the eruption of the adult teeth and is focused on preventing problems that can occur as adult teeth come in. The main goals of this treatment are to correct skeletal discrepancies, create enough space for the adult teeth to come through and to help eliminate habits such as thumb sucking and mouth breathing.

In contrast, Phase II Orthodontic treatment typically begins after most permanent teeth have come in. During this phase, metal braces or clear aligners (Invisalign) are used to correct misaligned teeth and create a beautiful smile.

Parents should be alert to signs such as crowded teeth, large gaps, blocked incoming adult teeth, early loss of baby teeth, misalignment of the jaw, and habits that may affect dental development, like thumb-sucking, as these may indicate a need for early orthodontic intervention.

A consultation appointment and orthodontic assessment are necessary to determine the exact duration of treatment. At Liberty Dental Centre, early orthodontic treatments typically range from 6 to 24 months.

Parents should be proactive in monitoring the appearance of their child’s teeth, as well as their development, to determine if their teeth are misaligned or out of position. This duration of treatment provides an opportunity to correct problems before they become more serious with pre-orthodontic treatment and the placement of orthodontic braces.

The best way to determine your child’s exact treatment duration is to schedule a consultation appointment for an initial assessment. After the orthodontic assessment, Liberty Dental Centre can provide you with an exact timeline for treatment that will help your child achieve a healthy smile.

A comprehensive evaluation of a child’s teeth and jaw development can help to determine if they are a good candidate for early orthodontic treatment.

Early orthodontic treatment can benefit children with complex dental issues, and regular appointments are necessary to ensure a successful outcome.

During the active phase of treatment, visits to Liberty Dental Centre are typically recommended every 6-8 weeks. However, the frequency may vary depending on the individual treatment plan and the progress of dental development.

To ensure optimal results, our team will provide a tailored schedule for each patient, taking into account any dental concerns, duration of treatment, braces currently in place, and other orthodontic issues.

Childhood Dental Bliss at Liberty Dental Centre

Transform your child’s dental journey into a seamless experience with Liberty Dental Centre’s state-of-the-art early orthodontic treatments.