Does Invisalign cost more than braces?

Does Invisalign costs more than braces

So the price depends on the complexity and the length of the case. So, there are cases that will take, maybe a few months. They wouldn’t be that expensive. But the typical full Invisalign case, which would range from 12 to 24 months, that would be the more expensive case. It also depends whether you’re just doing the top jaw or the bottom jaw, or doing them both together. That’s a deciding factor on the cost of Invisalign.

A simple case might be someone who had braces, and they did not wear their retainers, so they get a bit of, what we call relapse where the teeth start to move. So, if we catch it early, we can get onto it with something called Invisalign Express. And that’s not very many aligners, and we can get things back on track very quickly. And that’s generally very affordable.

But if it’s someone who’s never had braces or they’ve had braces and they really let things go and things have shifted back to the way they were, it’s like starting from the beginning, and it’s something that is likely to take time. Probably more than 12 months. Then that will be the more expensive Invisalign.

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