Update on Coronavirus (COVID-19)


At Liberty Dental we are following the guidelines of the Dental Board of Australia and have reduced our working hours in light of the COVID-19 crisis. We are open for emergencies. Please call us on 03 9501 0092 or book online if you have:

  • A Broken tooth
  • Facial swelling
  • Toothache causing loss of sleep
  • Loose teeth
  • Dental Trauma
  • Ulcers
  • Been advised by your doctor to see a dentist

All routine dental visits are being postponed at this stage until the restrictions are lifted. For our patients currently undergoing BRACES AND INVISALIGN treatment, we will still see you but we may contact you to change your appointment time due to our restricted work hours.

For patients who do not wish to attend the clinic in person, we offer phone consultations whereby you are able to communicate and obtain advice regarding the progress of your treatment via emails and video consults.

Please contact us on (03) 9501 0092 for advice.

For patients who attend the practice, these are the actions we are taking to protect our patients and staff:

  • At all times when treating patients protective barriers (eyewear, masks & gloves – single patient use are worn by our staff)
  • All staff are using hand sanitisers between all rooms and when de-gloving between patients and between treatment areas and the front desk
  • All of our patients are being asked to use hand sanitiser for 30 seconds upon entering and leaving the practice
  • Pre rinsing with a special mouth rinse (thought to be potentially more efficacious in reducing COVID-19 in the mouth) prior to dental treatment
  • Single-use barrier wrap & autoclave sterilisation

Screening of Patients:

  • Screening all patients who had been overseas or interstate in the last 14 days and deferring their treatment
  • Screening all patients for Flu-like symptoms and deferring appointments until patients had been symptom-free for 14 days
  • Screening all patients who are healthcare workers or who have been in contact with a COVID-19 case

Please note we cannot treat patients who have been diagnosed with COVID -19 until they have been cleared by medical authorities. Accordingly, if you have traveled overseas in the last 14 days, have come into contact with someone who has traveled overseas in the last 14 days and are experiencing ‘Flu-like’ symptoms and you have a dental emergency please contact our reception and a telephone consultation with one of our Practitioners will be organised to help you.

Above all, we are here to help. If you are uncertain about your status, an upcoming appointment or the best way to manage your own treatment needs, our reception staff and practitioners are only a phone call away on (03) 9501 0092.

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