Invisalign as Whitening trays + promo

Invisalign as Whitening trays + promo

As a bonus, what you can do with your Invisalign or with your retainers is you can actually use them as whitening trays, which is something very popular that we do. We give you the whitening.

You can dispense it into the Invisalign aligner or into the retainer and you wear it and you have whiter teeth. So I wanna tell you about our exciting promotion. It’s called the Great White Smiles Programme.

If you have your comprehensive exam, your check up, and clean with us, you’ll become eligible to enter the Great White Smiles membership programme.

It’s $149 and that gives you your whitening and every six months when you come for your check up and clean, you get a free top up so that’s whitening for life for $149, so if you’re interested, give us a call and we’re happy to explain more.

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